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While doing business with China you want to limit your risk as much as possible.

Standard Verification

159,99ex. VAT
  • Ready in 72 hours
  • Detailed company check
  • Up to date information
  • Expert’s advice
  • Website verification
  • Certifications

Premium Verification

199,99ex. VAT
  • Ready in 48 hours
  • Detailed company check
  • Up to date information
  • Expert’s advice
  • Website verification
  • Certifications

What our clients say about this service

We regularly use this excellent service of the Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce. With their expertise and the informative reports we were able to dramatically reduce the financial risk and damages.
Jeroen Meijer

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I have to submit for a Company Verification?2018-08-21T11:19:42+01:00

At least the full Chinese name of the company is required to provide you with an accurate report. The more information you can share, for example: business cards, registered company number on business license, bank accounts etc.. the more complete the report will be.

How many companies do you check per order?2018-08-21T11:16:47+01:00

Per order we verify one company.

Does a Chinese company know they are being verified?2018-08-21T11:15:10+01:00

No, we do not inform the Chinese company which you want to verify.

Can I request my report again?2018-08-21T11:15:39+01:00

You can download your report up to 12 months without additional costs from your account.

Where do you gather information for the Company Verification?2018-08-21T11:12:55+01:00

The data in every Credit Report comes various legal and official sources in China.

Do you use B2B based information?2018-08-21T11:11:54+01:00

No, all data comes from legal registrations in China and is valid and up to date. We don’t use old data, knowing that company registration can change anytime.

From which sources do you gather the required information?2018-08-21T11:10:05+01:00

We gather our information about Chinese companies from different government departments in China, such as: The State Administraton for Industry and Commerce, China Customs, Social Security Bureau, Banks, Provincial and local registers and others.

Does the report indicate if I deal with a factory?2018-08-21T11:07:35+01:00

Yes, we indicate the type of company in the report.

Which information do you verify?2018-08-21T11:04:13+01:00

We verify all information of the company filed at different government departments, including information about:

  • Lawful registration
  • Legal form of the company
  • Type of company (trade or production)
  • Export license
  • Number of registered employers
  • Initial capital (and amount paid in)
  • Legal representative(s)
  • Incorporation date
  • Valid bank account number (when provided)
  • Certifications (CE EMC, CE LVD, RoHS and FCC)
  • Tax registrations
  • Valid address
What can I use Company Verification for?2018-08-21T11:05:35+01:00

You can use the report for the following:

  1. To gain full information on a potential supplier/partner from China
  2. Finding out who has signing rights for contracts
  3. Selling your products to a Chinese partner
  4. Buying products from a Chinese company
  5. Verifying a Chinese company on online platforms such as Alibaba.com
  6. Filing a lawsuit against your supplier/partner
Do you also verify companies outside of mainland China?2018-08-21T10:40:57+01:00

Yes, we can also verify companies from Greater China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. If you want to verify a company from another Asian country leave us a message and we will get back to you with more information.

Which payments methods are available?2018-08-21T10:38:15+01:00

Currently two payment methods are supported. You may pay via PayPal, also by credit card without a PayPal account. Additionally, you may pay by bank transfer within five working days of your order.

Can I pay with VISA or Mastercard?2018-08-21T10:37:47+01:00

Yes, credit card payments are processed by PayPal. (no PayPal account required)

Are hidden costs?2018-08-21T10:33:51+01:00

No, however, if you pay by bank transfer, this may involve extra costs. The price of a Company Verification is shown without VAT, during the checkout process 21% VAT may be added.

Do I get an invoice for my order?2018-08-21T10:31:25+01:00

Yes, your invoice will be sent with the report to the provided email address.

Can I cancel my order?2018-08-21T10:26:37+01:00

You can only cancel your order before you finish your payment. Once your payment has been completed we start gathering the required information to compile your report and you can no longer cancel the order.

Can I order a report without a company?2018-08-21T10:22:43+01:00

Yes, you can personally order a report on a Chinese company. In this case the invoice will be on your name instead of a company.


Our team works closely with the Chinese government and market leading business to help your business or product thrive in China.


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