Stay in control of your brand and products by registering your trademark in China

Pre-check Trademark Registration

9999*ex. VAT
  • Ready in 48 hours
  • Digital Report
  • English version
  • Deductible in subsequent trade registration
  • Expert’s advice when applicable

Logo / Brand name Registration

49999*ex. VAT
  • Including Pre-check
  • Registration of Trademark (One class, ten sub-classes)
  • Advice which categories to register*²
  • Checks on progress
  • Sending of the original certificate

* Members / Sponsor discounts are applicable to these products.
*² For each additional class a fee of €250 ex. VAT will be charged.

In case of a dispute

When your trademark or brand name is already registered in China by someone else, there are several ways to get ownership over your brand name. The Dutch Chinese Chamber of Commerce can assist you in mediation or file and resolve a dispute against the Chinese entity. However, the process of a dispute is long and might take up to two years or more. Until you own the trademark your business in China is endangered, since the owner of the trademark can stop your imports and exports. Therefore, NCHK strongly advises to act (or – open a dispute) as quick as possible to reduce your financial loss.


Our team works closely with the Chinese government and market leading business to help your business or product thrive in China.